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When did you last send a secure communication? Rhetorical question, because almost certainly you have not done so, or not consciously – though you may be aware that certain providers add layers of protection. Fact is there is no ubiquitous worldwide system that everybody can use to protect, authenticate and validate digital messages (whether that is mail, chat or collaborative documents). There are hundreds of providers, who offer solutions, but none of them connect together, and all of them require specific knowledge of how to use the product. So despite the extreme risk from hackers and swindlers they have not caught on.

What we offer is a generic “open” system that works on a global basis – even if there is no Internet connection – using a single password structure that opens all our products, regardless of provider. It protects low level risk from prying eyes, unauthorised changes and improper interception, right up to options that will establish legal liability to Trust standards, based on a regulated rule book.

There are no single points of failure, nor are any changes required to the way the user works - and it is fully operational on most generally used platforms, including mobile options. Regisat is designed to be the “go to” standard for secure communications globally.

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