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The Regisat Global Network is an interoperable cooperative of secure communications servers supplied and managed by corporate entities.

Each individual provision is self-contained and provides the corporate and its eco system of customers, suppliers and relationships with authentication, validation and encryption protection for all digital communications that might be at risk from interception or fraudulent alteration.

This includes email, chat, document collaboration, payslip distribution, invoices and payments – complying with General Data Protection Regulations and the Payment Services Directive 2. Other options are IOT data and confirmation of product provenance.

Where required, participants can be authenticated to Electronic Identification standards. Access to all services are via a single sign on password, using all the standard customer tools such as Microsoft Outlook and their standard email addresses, and optionally a ‘representative’ can be given read only rights over the content.

Any registered party on one eco system can seamlessly send to and receive from the customer or registrant of any other, so this is a totally open system. Versions are available for PC, MAC, Android and iOS.

Where suitable Internet services are not available access is ensured by the provision of satellite based connectivity using a proprietary transmit and receive terminal using a simple omni- directional aerial only. This terminal operates as an additional authentication layer and may be selected for use for the security of very high value documents such as a bill of lading, contract or letter of credit.

The Corporate can opt to directly manage its own server, branded with its own corporate identity and offering capacity to its ecosystem at its discretion. The common layer of Regisat will be identified as part of the interoperable capability. Operating your own node does require a certain standard of IT capability that may not suit everybody.

In the alternative a smaller corporate, or individual organisation may select a local distributor for the provision of service where they can choose to operate their own group administrator, or accept support from the supplier.


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